Category: Laboratory

Handmade fabrics

Models crafted with fabrics made 100% by hand by the Galician artisan Inés Rodríguez (RIR & CO).


Whe collaborating with desinges, Aldanondo y Fdez takes care of the shoe prototype making, the technical pattern making and the final execution of the pieces.

Vegetable cushioning

This design exercise increases cushioning by using an affordable and close material like a coconut rug

Interchangeable tongues

In line with the philosophy of buying less, but of higher quality that lasts longer and is versatile, Aldanondo and Fdez’s atelier has created several designs that use interchangeable coloured tongues.

AyF for Tíscar Espadas

Designed in colaboration with Spanish Fashion Designer & artist currently based in between London and Madrid, Tíscar Espadas.


In collaborations with fashion designers, Aldanondo y Fdez takes care of the shoe prototypes, the technical patterns and the construction.


The research this time came up with a saddle —the type of shoe that is usually worn to dance swing— to which a gaiter has been incorporated that makes it two-tone or turns it into an ankle boot.

Loafer-to-sandal design

Creating long-lasting pieces that are not subject to seasonal changes is one of the obsessions of Aldanondo and Fdez’s atelier in Barcelona. The Fuertes moccasin model is an original design resulting from those investigations.

With wings

A design experiment where the shoe has a sole that wraps up to the lacing.