Haz tus propios zapatos Aldanondoyfdez
Handmake Your Own Shoes. Shoemaking for Beginners
Handmake your own shoes in this Shoemaking  for Beginners workshop. You will learn how to make a pair of totally wearable Aldanondoyfdez in the chosen size from start to finish.


To simplify the process, a simpler design than that of classic shoe models is used. Even so, the main consecutive steps of the handmade shoe are executed one by one. An overview is achieved that serves as contact with the discipline.

It starts from a pattern made in advance by the atelier. It can be a one-piece model or “fisherman” type sandals with crossed straps. With this cut already made previously, the shoe is assembled or built on a wooden last. To do this, traditional assembly tools are used.

About the teachers and the place

Qualified master shoemakers, Ignacio Aldanondo and Catuxa Fernández, have received the National Prize for Innovation in Crafts in 2019. The classes are face-to-face at Aldanondo y Fdez’s atelir at calle Notariat, 5 in Barcelona (Rabal area, near MACBA museum).

What does this shoemaking  for beginners workshop include?

  • Leather and necessary materials for the assembly of a pair of shoes in the chosen size. It includes a pattern or leather cut already prepared for assembly.
  • Use of the necessary tools and machines.
  • Rental of a wooden last during assembly.

Duration and price

The classes are practical working with the hands in the company of one of the shoemakers. Other students may be learning at the same time in the workshop, but always in very small groups.

The follow-up is individual, and the duration of the course depends on the skills, knowledge and objectives of the apprentice. It usually takes around 30 hours to finish a complete pair, although this measurement is only indicative. Schedule to be agreed.

25 euros / hour
50 euros materials

Course availability and enrollment

Handmake Your Own Shoes. Shoemaking for Beginners