Shoe construction course on wooden last
Shoe construction course on wooden last
Handmade shoe construction course

In this shoe construction course, you will learn the techniques that give handmade footwear its distinctive appearance. On a wooden last, the handmade shoes are shaped through a series of consecutive processes. Various elements such as nails, tongs, fire, glass or cloth are applied to build each piece.


It starts with a pattern of a classic model -normally, a blucher- made of leather and already prepared in advance by the atelier. The making of this pattern already sewn —or cut— can be learned in another Pattern making, cutting and sewing course also available. The assembly phases, each one with its tools, that are learned in this course are the following:

  • Mise en place or preparation of leather reinforcements —counter, toe puff, and shank— that are reserved for later.
  • Nailing the leather cut to the wooden last and stretching with pincers.
  • Incorporation of a wood and leather shank that acts as a beam holding the artisan shoe.
  • Placement of the sole.
  • Blake stitching of the outside sole.
  • Work of the heel that rises it with leather covers to later give it a burnishing treatment with rasp, glass, sandpaper, cloth and wood.
  • Final polishing with heat and irons.
  • Removal of the shoe from the last

About the teachers and the place

Qualified master shoemakers, Ignacio Aldanondo and Catuxa Fernández, have received the National Prize for Innovation in Crafts in 2019. The classes are face-to-face at the Aldanondo y Fdez’s atelier at calle Notariat, 5 in Barcelona (Rabal area, near MACBA museum).

What does the assembly course include?

  • Leather and necessary materials for the assembly of a pair of shoes including a pattern or cut in leather sewn and already prepared for its assembly.
  • Use of the necessary tools and machines.
  • Individual monitoring. Maximum of two apprentices with each master.


From 50 hours. The schedule and subject are adapted to the student’s pace.


€25 / hour
€50 for the material

Course availability and enrollment

Handmade shoe construction course