Bespoke shoes 100% made-to-measure by Aldanondo y Fdez

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Bespoke shoes handmade-to-measure for men and women are one of Aldanondo y Fdez’s specialities. These 100% made-to-measure works allow the highest level of personalization. The atelier designs each model with inputs from the client and the shoemakers themselves.

As a starting point, the client chooses a classic model or one of the designs updated by Aldanondo and Fdez. The atelier handcrafts then a pair of shoes always maintaining a dialogue with the client. In this way, the final work totally adapts to the customer’s tastes and needs. The craftsman must master the traditional techniques of leather to achieve the expected result.

Zapatos hechos a medida o bespoke

The process of bespoke shoes

The bespoke shoe requires at least two face-to-face meetings between the artisan and the buyer:

  • The first visit is to consult the samples and discuss the model. It is also the time to consider the most suitable lasts, materials and inspirations. Then, the making of a pair of trial shoes begins. These are made with lower quality materials than the final shoes.  
  • On the second visit, the client puts on the trial shoes to walk with them. The workshop takes note of the last modifications necessary. Once made, the final shoes will be ready for collection at the workshop or delivery to the customer’s address.

FOR BESPOKE SHOES, visit the Aldanodo y Fdez showroom on Calle Notariat in Barcelona

An online alternative: handmade-to-order shoes

Alternatively, Aldanondo and Fdez’s has adapted the artisan method of shoemaking to a remote service via the web. Without the need to travel to Barcelona, offers a limited series of shoes handamade only on request.

In this “handmade-to-order” formula, Aldanondo and Fdez’s site serves as an online sampler. There are several ready-to-wear models specially designed to work well on most feet.


This way of working still allows dialogue between the client and the craftsman. When needed, instructions on how to take foot measurements are sent. It is also a process open to customization. The contact goes on during the manufacturing swapping  images, text, or video.