5 Notariat Street: shoe handmaking workshop and showroom in Barcelona
In 2021 Aldanondo y Fdez moved to 5 Notariat Street in Barcelona. The opening of a workshop in el Raval brings back to the district a space for handmade shoemaking that had disappeared in that area since the closure of Josep “Pitu” Cunillera's workshop on Carrer San Pascià. For the two founders of the firm, it also means a return to their origins. Catuxa and Ignacio were his apprentices there for more than 3 years until his retirement.

Shoe handmaking workshop

At Ignacio and Catuxa’s shoe handmaking workshop in Barcelona, each pair of Aldanondo y Fdez is produced under request.

The artisan shoemaker necessarily masters the techniques of leather work. In Aldanondo y Fdez, those skills are also combined with a taste for design and technical pattern making. The design mindset comes form architecture, the previous profession of these two master shoemakers.

Shoemaking is a discipline with many processes that you must know how to execute. This is the only way to guarantee the highest-quality expected from craftsmanship. Aldanondo y Fdez workshop is committed to the artisan method and its values.


The workshop at Notariat Street reserves a space for a showroom where customers can see, touch and try on the creations of Aldanondo y Fdez.

This space preserves the cosy atmosphere of former years when the atelier was kept in a home. With its bookshelf full of architecture or design books and a comfortable sofa, customers can be taken measurements and shop in a relaxed way. Visits are welcome by appointment.